The history

We're a family that for more than eighty years has hosted you in his ow house as welcomed Guest.
Nowadays, we are five women who carry on with tenacty and passion a great adventure started a long time ago…

The history of the Locanda Grego in itself offers hints of the most typical Veneto traditions: family and enterprise linked together in an unbreakable bond, the boundaries of private and public life fading in sepia photos, testimonies of past times and coming days, the desire to be reborn and overcome an often adverse destiny.

And that was indeed the destiny of our great grandmother Caterina, a young widow with small children who in the early Thirties started to manage an inn to survive....The destiny of her daughters Noemi and Ivona, beautiful young girls who gave her a hand. And Eugenio Grego’s destiny, who left an ancient family restaurant business, too crowded and narrow-minded, to follow his dreams. This young man met Noemi, and the two began together a new life and the adventure of Locanda Grego.

Eugenio was a dynamic and dreaming entrepreneur. Each day he came up with new ideas: beside the inn he started a butcher shop, then a breeding farm of trouts and game, a bowls court, the first dancehall in
the area, a public weigh station... Running from house to house he organized wedding banquets (the catering of that times!) with the women of the house firmly in command in the kitchen that was open all hours like a good country inn was supposed to be!

In a land rising from post-war misery, Locanda Grego gradually became a local reference point for healthy and genuine food. Years went by, the family grew and with it the business. Sons Salvino and Lucio married Maria and Elisa, who quickly learned the secret recipes passed down through generations.

Though steady rooted in local culinary traditions, over the years the restaurant was improved and some rooms added.

Four generations later, still today Grego ladies welcome you at home.
Our history is therefore truly a real love story; for cuisine and hospitality, for our Vicenza and Veneto roots, for the traditions of the twentieth century which will never go out of fashion, naturally and spontaneously merging with present day tastes.